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Ministers’ Letter

February 2024

Hello Croydon Circuit family!

This is your Hungarian brother typing a new minister’s letter.

So it is already February…my…time flies…and since this article is for February that means Spring is
getting closer…? one more month to go and it is already March…

I know…if it is Feb, then I could have talked about Valentine’s Day…however, I wish to talk about
something else…that something else is: spring.

Spring is considered the rebirth of nature, or the renewal of it, if you will.

In some countries, it is around Feb, when snowdrops show up…they have been considered the heralds of
the coming Spring and the good, warm weather.

Then lowly trees and bushes will have their green colours back, flowers will start opening, in some fields
you will see countless of bluebells…and if the Sun is also shining nicely then we have a perfect springy
season upon us…

I was talking about spring…what does spring symbolize? Spring is all about new beginnings and
transformations; it’s a season that symbolizes starting fresh and starting over. After months of cold
temperatures that often result in many of us feeling the winter blues, spring reawakens us and our
surrounding environment, bringing everything back to life.

Havin said this, how do we experience spiritual renewal? Often it starts with a passion for prayer and then
prayer meetings start to happen…and then there will be a hunger for more…we would go out into the
nature and enjoying long walks in forests, in fields, sensing and smelling all the fragrance of what nature
has to offer…we would be available for volunteering [in our churches we are always looking for
volunteers…] for different tasks in our local church, circuit and even in our community. We would start a
new regime where we would set aside a set time daily or weekly when we would spend time nurturing our
souls by reading/contemplating…whatever helps to feed our souls…

These are great tools…or I would go as far as to say: these could be means of grace where God would use
all these to reach out to us in order to bless us and renew our spirit within us…

It is always very uplifting when we see/experience that someone is going through a spiritual renewal…the
whole person becomes revitalised, blossoming and inspirational in their walk with the Lord.

That also creates a longing in others too…a longing and a certain thirst for more…and then revival might
happen too ?

Let me wish all of us a beautiful spiritual spring that revitalizes not only ourselves but also creates a
hunger and gravitate others in our community to search for the Lord.

If this is February then Spring is getting closer – let us all enjoy & rejoice in the renewal of nature and the
spiritual spring of our souls as well.

Kind regards,