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Ministers’ Letter

June 2024

Hello Croydon Circuit Family!

We just celebrated Pentecost not long ago – to be honest, season of Pentecost is dear to me because I came to Christ via a Pentecostal church. I was in my teenage years, and I was curious and open just like most teens are. What I really appreciated in those years in the Pentecostal church was that enthusiasm they carried not only their Christian life with but also their eagerness to spread the gospel. Their prayers were full of fire and love without being too cheesy.

Now, just in case: this letter is not about Pentecostal church but the effect of the divine power that came down from heaven and how that power manifests in different churches depending on the openness of congregations. The Spirit of Pentecost empowers Christians to become risk takers concerning their mission and the way they look at the future of their churches. Pentecost removes the fear of exercising their gifts and talents and gives us courage to step out in faith which would be unimaginable without that power that works within us…

With the act of Pentecost God is telling us: I am the One, “who is able to do immeasurably more than all you ask or imagine…” Ephesian 3: 20.

When we let the Spirit work in our midst then He is like a Maverick…He likes to explode our carefully crafted plans and then show us who is really in charge in the church…He likes to take us on a roller coaster to show that no matter how strange some of the turns can be we are still in the safe hands of the One who called the church into existence.

That is how we are looking into this new month of June, our upcoming circuit meeting and soon moving into the new connexional year.

We already know it by now that with God it is never that simple: just like a great artist in culinary, He would put some twists here and there and would still be wonderful. So, I invite us all to stay open for all those “immeasurably more” elements that He’s got in His mind for us in this new month

Kind regards,