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Holy Communion

Holy Communion is an important part of our life together.

‘All are Welcome’ to share in Communion with us,

as with all other Methodist Churches in the UK.

Children are also welcome to share in Holy Communion.

Holy Communion is sharing in bread and non-alcoholic wine as the family of God. This sacrament reminds us of the body and blood of Jesus; His life, death and resurrection. It is linked to the Last Supper which Jesus shared with His disciples. Christians believe that Jesus gave His life for each of us, as individuals, as well as all of us, as the world community, to forgive and reunite us with God and strengthen us with the Holy Spirit.

Each church celebrates Holy Communion in slightly different ways. Some have a shared loaf and cup, others have individual pieces of bread and glasses. Generally people walk forward in groups to the communion rail at the front of the church where the minister and stewards distribute bread and wine. Where elderly or disabled people are unable to move to the rail, the minister and stewards will go to that person and serve them personally after the general distribution. For those who do not wish to take bread and wine a blessing can be given in the form of a simple prayer. This is communicated by the person leaving their hands by their sides rather than holding them up to receive bread or wine.