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Dear friends,

Last week I wrote a pastoral letter responding to the horrific and brutal murder of George Floyd and the way it has ignited protest action against the daily impact of systemic racism upon people throughout the world, including in Croydon.

In that letter I suggested creating spaces where people could gather to share their experiences of racism to enable a greater understanding and empathy, especially by those who do not experience racism on a daily basis. However, responding to the anger and outrage people are feeling at this time, it has been suggested that a more immediate response is needed.

In response to this suggestion I intend to host a Zoom gathering next Monday, the 29th of June, at 7.30 pm. This gathering will be a forum in which we can discuss practical responses to the experiences of racism and especially systemic racism. I hope this forum will reveal ways in which we can join together in collective action to tackle the impact of racism upon the lives of local people, including those alongside we worship and work in our circuit churches.

If you would like to join the Zoom gathering please send an email to me at revstephenday@croydonmeth.org and I will forward the link to you.